We would encourage all of our alumni to join the Grundy Educational Trust LinkedIn group to network with other Alumni and so that the Trustees can see how our alumni are progressing in their post-graduate careers.


Alumni Contributions

The Trust is looking to students that we have supported to consider making regular (e.g. through GAYE or Standing Order) or one-off contributions to the Trust in order to supplement the Trust's central income and help us to provide more substantial support a greater number of students.  Please Contact Alicia [...]


Record of Support to February 2021

Since its foundation, the Trust has supported close to 200 students through to completion of their studies, and is currently supporting six students on courses including MScs and PhDs relating to Advanced Composites, Technology Advanced Chemical Synthesis, Mathematical Science, Immunology, Translational Neuroscience and Sustainable Energy.


COVID 19 Response

For the first time in the Trust's history we interviewed candidates via Zoom rather than risk face to face meetings in 2020. We were still able to support 6 new candidates as well as continuing with students on multiple year courses and are pleased to report that despite the serious [...]


Bulletin 5

The Grundy Educational Trust has now been operating for 30 years and have seen changes in the line-up of Universities that we support: most recently adding Bristol University in 2017 to join Imperial, Surrey, Nottingham and Manchester.  We have seen the retirement of our two longstanding and much appreciated prior [...]


Bulletin No 3

Fifteen years of student support and it is time for a further update on their and our achievements to date, and how the Trust plans to progress into the future. Between academic years 1992/93 and 2007/8 the Trust has made awards totalling just over £360,000. It has supported nearly eighty [...]