Twenty years of student support and it is time for a further update on their and our achievements to date, and how the Trust plans to progress into the future.

Record of support to date
Since its foundation, the Trust has made awards totalling just over £450,000. It has supported over 130 students through to completion of their studies, and at the moment there are 11 more who should conclude at the end of the 2012/13 year. These students are pursuing post-graduate courses at our current list of eligible universities namely, Surrey, Imperial, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton.

Achievements by students supported by the Trust to date are:

Masters qualifications – 67
Doctoral qualifications – 40
Medical or related degrees – 22

Alumnus Hardship Fund
The Trust is now the beneficiary of a regular contribution every month from one of our alumnus which amount of money we have called the Alumnus Hardship Award and which we give to students in particularly serious financial need, in addition to the amount we commit from our central income.

Please join the Grundy Educational Trust LinkedIn group to network with other Alumni.

Supplementing our funds
We are restricted largely by the distributable income generated by the Trust’s endowment fund. If any of our alumni (or anyone else) has any bright ideas to help the Trust to supplement that income please let us know.

Quotes from Students who have recently completed their courses:

I was awarded my MRes in Entemology with distinction (top of class). Currently I am on field work for my PhD which is closely related to part of my Masters’ research. My experience with this kind of research in my masters was instrumental, I think, in me securing funding for the PhD. I am eternally grateful to the Grundy Educational Trust.

I graduated from my MSc course in Molecular Medicine and owe the Grundy Trust a huge thank you for helping me financially. I would not have been able to complete the course if it hadn’t been for the help.

I graduated with a Distinction for my MSc in Environmental, Science Policy and Management – thanks to the generous contribution of the Trust.